Crisis Intervention

All of the community stakeholders are collectively responsible for eliminating the social ills that plagues our neighborhoods so that they can evolve to become communities.

Crisis Intervention

Project Drive Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Curriculum are now available for individuals and groups seeking crisis management. as part of the bridging the gap initiative this workshop uses interactive multimedia consisting of audio, video and visual aids combined with engaging practical exercises and final testing. This workshop lasts approximately 3 1/2 hours, and is split into four sections for ease of participation. This course is currently utilized in New York and New Jersey and found to be very effective in every type of crisis intervention setting.

Understanding Precursors To Crisis
Motivating Persons In Crisis
Handling Passive Non-Compliance
Professional Distancing
Building Rapport
Trauma Informed Care And How It Relates To Crisis Intervention
Remaining Unbiased During Interventions
Maintaining Your Calm During Crisis
Recognizing When Challenging Situations Are Leading To Violence
Interpreting body language and recognizing signs of crisis and escalation
Effective tips for Conflict Resolution
The 5 Steps to De-escalation
And more–



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