All of the community stakeholders are collectively responsible for eliminating the social ills that plagues our neighborhoods so that they can evolve to become communities.


addresses the problems that plague our communities necessitating psychological and therapeutic counseling emanating from the disastrous atrocities that constantly bombards our children and young adults. This program offers a comprehensive array of counseling services and strategies that is designed to induce positive feelings and results from negative experiences.

GATS FOR GADGETS & GEAR INITIATIVEce098-da28c4_b71f77dbee80423a9dbfa181052f0722

OUR GATS FOR GADGETS & GEAR INITIATIVE is a weapons exchange program that is designed to get illegal guns out of the hands of at-risk youth and young adults. This will enable us to reduce the various types of criminal activities committed by the use of illegal hand guns thus making our communities safer.

BRIDGING THE GAP INITIATIVEdfb97-da28c4_07a9074290b74c4eadd9626698b5518f

is designed to bridge the communication divide that is prevalent within the families of high crime areas. Its primary purpose is to promote establishing various methods of creating open dialogue between parents and their children through the medium of music thus re-establishing parental control within the family structure.

VOICES INITIATIVE0ae31-da28c4_d3ae71fb61374362ba388614ea55341b

(Vocational Opportunities Inducing Career Enhancing success) is designed to combat the high rate of unemployment that exists throughout the major cities across America, in particular the blighted inner cities. Its objective is to stimulate a national economic resurgence and recovery by reviving the vocational industry as a major bread-winner in our economy whose jobs cannot be out-sourced.

Our most recently developed and initiated initiatives are:


  • VISION: To enable misdirected people of any age to make the transition from criminal activities to corporate antics and practices a lasting one.
  • MISSION: To introduce innovative leadership skill sets to participants in an effort to enable them to become self-made entrepreneurs.


  • VISION: To mitigate the skyrocketing rate of recidivism that has been inter-generational in impoverished families for the better part of the last 100 years.
  • MISSION: To instill principles, practices education, skills and the confidence necessary for returning citizens to discard the yoke of recidivism, as well as to enable them to become and remain being productive members of society.



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